Stadium Insulated Glass –

A lot of manufacturers talk about performance, i.e., U-Factors and SHGCs. But what about durability? Performance over the long haul?

That’s where Stadium IG excels. Stadium IG excels in long-term performance. It delivers one of the industry’s lowest failure rates, a comprehensive 20-year factory warranty, plus outstanding thermal performance and solar control.

Exceptional longevity and performance … that’s how we help protect your brand and your reputation. New Stadium Insulated Glass, what the future of insulating glass looks like.

With thousands of IG units under warranty, Stadium knows a thing or two about building long-lasting IG units. Our units have proven themselves over and over in the field and in the lab. The only way we’d change a thing is if we could improve it. We have.

One of the Industry’s Lowest Failure Rates.

Stadium Insulated Glass is built on the proven technologies that help Stadium IG units achieve one of the industry’s lowest failure rates – only 0.20% over twenty years – allowing us to offer an amazing comprehensive 20-year factory warranty, because endurance is just as important as performance.