Insulated Glass Warranty

Stadium Glass warrants our insulated units using Quanex Super Spacer for a period of Twenty (20) years from the date of manufacture. All insulated units will be free of obstruction of vision due to moisture, due to the infiltration of dirt, or dust, flaking, peeling or the formation of any dehydrated air space. Components glass guarantees for individual, reflective or pyrolitic or sputter coated glass lite(s) used in construction of Stadium Glass’s are subject to specific glass manufacturers warranties, Which may or may not be covered within this limited warranty. This exclusive limited warranty is subject to the primary retail purchaser, and subject to the following limitations.

Units that have modified in any way: IE Application of tint windows films. Units that exceed 50 square feet in area; Units that with both vertical and horizontal measurements exceed 84”; Units which show evidence of water trapped in the glazing pocket; Units with broken glass: STADIUM GLASS DOES NOT WARRANT ANY GLASS AGAINST BREAKAGE FROM ANY CAUSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES; Units which have not been installed in a workmanlike manner and glazed in accordance with GANA and NGA guidelines. The use of setting blocks, weep holes and centering shims is mandatory in all installations. Units used or installed in high moisture environments such as (but not limited to) bathrooms, swimming pool enclosures, greenhouses, solar collectors and refrigeration units; Units used or installed in high-vibration environments such as in motor vehicles, travel trailers, watercraft, or aircraft; or airport control towers; Units installed in sloped glazing or skylights; Units installed in structural silicone glazing systems (unless specifically ordered & manufactured with compatible silicone sealants); Units which have not been properly handled; Units installed with incompatible sealant materials.

In the event of unit failure, Stadium Glass will at its option, furnish the original purchaser with another unit, or refund the purchase price of the unit. Replacement product will be manufactured and shipped directly to the original purchaser. All claims must be filed in writing Stadium Glass within 90 days of failure.

Breather tube units: Units shipped through or installed in high elevations (3000 ft. or higher) must be equipped with a breather tube or warranty will be void. The breather tube must be properly crimped and sealed with an organic sealant prior to installation. Failure to properly crimp the breather tube will void warranty. Any breather tube unit exposed to severe moisture conditions prior to installation will not be covered by this warranty.

Purchaser specifically understands and agrees that under no circumstance shall Stadium Glass be liable for any remedy other than refund or product replacement: Including without limitation, economic, direct, indirect, general, special or punitive damages arising hereunder out of any cause whatsoever, including without limitation injury to persons (including death)
or property. In the event that any other term herein is found unconscionable or unenforceable for any reason, or any exclusive remedy fails of its essential purpose.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state. This warranty only covers insulated glass made by Stadium Glass for installation in the United States, and does not cover installations in other countries sold from Stadium Glass.